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Google Analytics for Beginner’s Certification of Completion

After work today, I completed Google Analytics course for Google Analytics for Beginners. I am experienced Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but have not taken the course before. Some of the questions got me for a moment, but overall it was a good and concise review.

Some of the questions got me for a moment, but overall it was a good and concise review. There were many options to learn the material through video, video transcripts with zoomable screenshots and additional resources and readings. Each of the assessments did not cover the supplemental resources. If an assessment covered the additional material, each section would have gotten too detailed for a beginner course, in my opinion.

Just like watching a movie for the second or hundredth time, I picked up on some additional key points such as drilling down further into campaigns.

Cathy Gray's Google Analytics Completion Copy for Web


I find it interesting that this certification of completion “expires” in one year. It makes sense to the annual update, but I wonder who actually has the time to do it every year.


Learning About a New Industry

I’ve recently switched in marketing for a different industry and in the discovery and absorbing phases.

There will always be something to learn. If you don’t know, then ask.

During a department meeting the phrase “in store” came up. I had to write it down and ask what it meant. I work for a technology software company that gives back office reports to management. After asking, “in store” means in store reporting level as their are out of store reports for executives, regional and district managers.

What? Dumb Questions

I am not a believer of the good ole phrase, “There is no such thing as a dumb question.” In fact, I cringe when I heard that throughout college.

The dumb question may entail something like:

  • What’s due tomorrow? asked by a classmate that never pays attention, always on their phone and hardly ever in class.
  • Why were you late? asked by a coworker, when there wasn’t a meeting, being late didn’t concern them and oh yeah, said coworker isn’t a manager.

So yes, there are dumb questions.


I was asked one said such dumb question today at work.

We have a cloud CRM that isn’t the greatest and it tends to not work from time to time. And today was one of them.

There was some work that I needed to do in it and the CRM just hasn’t been cooperating this week. So today on Friday, when I really wanted to get it done, it just wouldn’t work. After not being productive it was time to get up and throw in the towel, walk around and come back to do something else. I was just frustrated.

So I’m walking down the hall and a coworker is walking in my direction. Said coworker asked why the look. I explained that I was frustrated because the CRM wasn’t saving, it had been doing it all week and I just wanted to get it done.

And do you know what they said. They said this…

“Why were you in there?”

“I was trying to update some accounts.”

“Again, why were you in there?”

I’m thinking, For someone with a Master’s degree, you sure do ask dumb questions. What do you mean, why was in there? I wanted to answer with, because I was trying to do my job!