Adding Products to WooCommerce and Manufacturer’s Product Spreadsheet

A few months ago, I reached out to one of our manufacturers to get their products’ information in a spreadsheet form.

Our sales rep came through with the spreadsheet but there were a few caveats. He sent 2 spreadsheets with one having all the product data and another with the the product name and sku. The problem was that I need the sku to be with the product data so I can connect the information together and pull our customer pricing from our internal program that we use.

So after I looked at the spreadsheets, I see that the spreadsheets are from the media company that set up the website. I don’t know what website platform the site is one, but the products on both sheets share a Product ID that the website.

The Product ID on both spreadsheet is the only data that matches the SKU on one spreadsheet to the Product Information on the other Spreadsheet.

From our internal program, the SKU is the only product data that will match to the manufacturer’s products that need to put on our website.

This isn’t a problem.

The solution:

Use the Match and Vlookup formulas in Excel to match the SKU from one spreadsheet to the Product Information and pull the information into one spreadsheet. Then I’ll use the same formulas to match our customer pricing to the spreadsheet.

This will condense the original 3 spreadsheets into 1 spreadsheet.

From there I’ll take that spreadsheet and map the product information to the website import spreadsheet. Upload it and all of the products will be there.

This doesn’t include product pictures or additional information that I’ll upload later. For those, I’ll have a different process.

To make make changes to the product photos I’ll create a script to do it automatically in a program that’s similar to Photoshop. I don’t use Adobe Photoshop at work. (Don’t ask why, it’s complicated.) I use an open-source program that does what I need and then-some. Gimp is similar to Photoshop, the tools and functionality are the same, just the steps are a bit different and the tool are located in different places.

Website AND SEO Audit with Screaming Frog and Excel

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A Step by Step Website and SEO Audit with Screaming Frog and Excel

I’ll be using this website for this website and SEO audit. 

I’ve prerecorded a video that is on my YouTube Channel, but you can also watch it below without leaving the site. 

I am currently working on a transcript and instructions to follow along if you prefer to follow along at your own pace.

All right, we’ll be going in the step by step on a website audit using Screaming Frog and Excel. Let’s have some fun.

If you guys hear any walking around that’s my dog being a dog and if he barks it’ll scare the crap out of me, too. (Luckily my dog never barked, so I didn’t have to edit out a barking dog.)  

A Glimpse at the Final Audit

The following video is a short clip of what the final website and SEO audit should look like. The video pans to the right showing the content tabs, but does not scroll down to show all of the pages that are included.

Start with Screaming Frog

Let’s get started with Screaming Frog to crawl or scrap our website and export it to Excel where we’ll do some conditional formatting. With the conditional formatting, the report will tell us where we need to make our adjustments for SEO optimizations. It will help us prioritize.

Depending on your website goals, you can add other details to keep track of as well. 

In my case, I’ll have an additional tab for page layout updates, keyword mapping and other things as they come up.

What is Screaming Frog?

First and foremost, don’t let the strange name make you scratch your head. It’s simply a website crawler that gathers meta data or details about a website.

I used the free version because it suits my purposes for this website audit.

There is a paid version which allows you to crawl a website that has more than 500 pages. This is good for an eCommerce site or one that has many pages and articles.

If you need to download it, visit the makers of the software. It’s available for Mac and PC. 

Let Screaming Frog Start Collecting From Your Site

Enter your site and hit start. The time it takes to crawl your site depends on your internet speed and the size of your site.

It isn’t like waiting for water to bowl, watch it or grab a cup of coffee then come back.

Close up of screaming frog before entering a website to crawl Closeup of Screaming Frog with a Website Crawl Complete

Closeup of Screaming Frog Export Button

Once it is complete, export the file.

In my example, I selected All from the drop down menu, but you can filter down if you would like.

For this website audit, this is all that we’ll be using Screaming Frog for. There are so many other things that it can be used for, but right now, it’s about getting prioritizing and setting up a list with what needs to be done.

Finishing Off with Microsoft Excel

In the first and original video, I used Microsoft Excel 2007. In the second video, I used the version of Excel that is connected with my hotmail account. It’s completely online, so the screenshots might be a different from the version that you may using. However it still works in the same way. The styling is the ony thing that will be different. (The Microsoft Office on my computer has been acting goofy today. I quite honestly haven’t had enough coffee today to correct the problem.)

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Cathy Gray

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Why You Should Always Use a Child Theme in WordPress

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What is a theme in WordPress?

A theme is simply a set of files that work together to present the content together. A theme sets the overall styling of your website.

Most WordPress websites have a theme, and it is very rare that one will not have one. I can’t think of why a website wouldn’t have a theme.

Let’s Compare WordPress to PowerPoint

WordPress and Microsoft PowerPoint are both the frameworks or software for the website or document. Each have their own theme for fonts, styling, colors and other design elements.

WordPress Themes

Here is a screenshot from dashboard of WordPress where themes are located. Here you can upload a theme that you have purchased or download a theme from the WordPress directory.

PowerPoint Themes

This is a screenshot from PowerPoint 2007 of the available default themes. Under the thumbnails, you can also browse and install other themes from Microsoft. This is a very similar process to WordPress themes.

What is a parent theme?

A parent theme in WordPress is any theme that is available on a marketplate, from a vendor or downloaded from

When you are starting with a fresh WordPress install, it is comes with a few themes preinstalled. They are named by the year they are released, Twenty Seventeen theme was released in 2017 for example.

2017 WordPress default theme

What is a child theme in WordPress?

A child theme is a theme that is a similar version of the parent. The files pull information from the parent theme, but adds adds security if the parent theme is ever updated.

Why is a Child Theme Important?

If you make changes to a theme without using a child theme and the main or parent theme is updated, you can loose the styling and work that you have done to your site.

That is why it is best practice to use a child theme. I’ve been in the situation where the main theme had to be updated and and I didn’t use a child theme.

I made rookie mistake when I first started. I didn’t have a child theme and lost all of my customizations.

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WordPress Theme Changes

Over the next few weeks, I will be making theme changes to the overall design of this website.

It will be exciting!

Details on Cathy Gray’s Website

Cathy Gray
Strategizing Print & Digital Marketing w/ Business Operations
(and always with coffee in hand)
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Website Details

Current Website Information

  • Will continue to be built with WordPress
  • Theme updated to Divi
    • I switched from BeTheme to Divi because of the Lifetime updates with my subscription that I have.Who can argue with a one-time purchase instead of an annual buy.
  • Divi Child theme used: yes
    • Always use a child theme. There are some that do not use it for the Divi theme, but why would you not if it is best practice. Why you should always use a child theme with WordPress?

Plugins Used

  • Yoast

Website Information Prior to November 2018

  • Built with WordPress.
  • Theme: BeTheme
  • Child Theme Used: Yes

Plugins Used

  • Yoast
  • Contact form 7
  • TinyMCE Advanced
  • WP Sitemap Page

Plugins Tried on this Website

These plugins have been tried on the site but weren’t used for various reasons.

  • Pixabay
Cathy Gray

Cathy Gray

A Marketing & Operations Aficianodo

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Matthew McConaughy Motivational Speech

The other night, I came across a video clip of...