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Most people dread the word “project”. Ask any student or employee the one thing they would change and 9 out of 10 times the answer will be the slacker in a project or projects altogether.

Let me tell you a secret, I really don’t mind them. (Watch me eat those words later. Nah!)

The only thing that isn’t good with projects is time allocation, but every college class and business has thm and we have to manage them. 

How we manage projects is the key to successful project management.

Why I Like Projects

Team Management

Each person brings something different to the group, may it be humor during high-stress times, the introvert that rarely speaks a word but watch out when they do or the go-getter that drives the team from beginning to end.

Resource Allocation

Starting with people, it is the most important resource. Their experiences bring what money and time cannot. Sure go out and buy such and such service, but having it, people, at your fingertips is the true win-win.


All members have their strengths and weaknesses in any group or business. Regardless of skill set or knowledge, a great team builds on them. How we use other’s skill and knowledge makes it a better project.

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The Better Projects

These are some of the best projects while in attendance at Kennesaw State University.

While they are in the thumbs up category, there were some mountains to climb or rivers to cross.

They are in this category for many reasons. The one criteria for a “good” project is being able to look back and right away say “Yes, this was a good project because the team members collaborated, compromised and were were aligned.”

Good Project

Professor’s infamous quote, “I love conflict… conflict is good. Getting over and through conflict is what makes it good,” set the vision for all projects.

Better Project

“Project Management Class: Survive a zombie apocalypse through various scenarios with limited resources and tools.”

Best Project

“Management Capstone Class: Group managed all aspects of a manufacturing business in a simulation throughout the semester. Our team was consistently in first place. “

The Not-So-Good Projects

These are in the thumbs down category while I was attending Kennesaw State University.

During these projects, the team members were not aligned and there was little collaboration or compromised.

Note: Some of these posts are Works in Progress (WIP). 

Okay Project

“A team of 5, with 2 dropping the class in the middle of the semester. It left the rest making up for their responsibilities.”

Bad Project

“When two members began dating then broke up, disaster struck the momentum of the project. Never date the ones you work with.”

Worst Project

“Half of the team was never present – in class or for scheduled meetings – and they waited until the very end to get started.”