Website Competition with

~ Last updated May 2017

A competition site is one that is higher in the SERPS than this website. I talk about keywords and keyword strategy as well.

  • The major competitor is an Australian artist, also named Cathy Gray. The site and Facebook page ranks first. As she is an artist she will naturally have a very large amount of backlinks to her site from art galleries, events and her Facebook account.

A few others sites worth mentioning:

  • The Realtor – Kathy Gray. This site is going to have a large number of backlinks as well from real estate listings. Cathy with a “k” shows at the bottom of the page for suggested search results. In my opinion, this comes from this site along with an alternate spelling for the name. From a search, all of the pages are spelled with a “c”. this site is the only with a “k”.
  • The Tech-Savvy High School Teacher with a class website – Cathy Gray. As a high school teacher, this site’s traffic is going to be direct, the time on page is going to be high and the bounce rate is going to be low.
  • Dr. Cathy Gray practicing psychiatry in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Find Cathy Gray (White Pages, Spokeo and similar sites)

Competitive Website Analysis

For the time being, a detailed analysis will have to come at a later day.