After College Reflection and Professional Learning

After College and Now

After receiving a text from a past coworker, my mind started to reflect on my college experience as a non-traditional student. A non-traditional student is one that attends college after the normal years of late teens and early twenties. Let me tell you, as a non-traditional student, working and with a family, it certainly wasn’t easy.

This was my second degree. The first college that I attended, The Art Institute of Atlanta, was during traditional college age years.

Both are quite different college experiences, but I’m glad that I have the perspective of both.

One-Year After Graduation

Since graduating, there have been ups and downs, to say the least. Within this time frame, there have been quite a few changes on the home and work front. I’m not going to get into the details of each, but I am an advocate of learning from the past and using those experiences to move forward.

Decisions have been made with and without my direct choice. Either way, the end is the same, it’s how I personally manage the outcome and progress from them.

Even though I graduated, schooling has yet ceased to stop. In the past few months, I have been refreshing my knowledge in Google Analytics or GA for short through the Google Analytics Academy. The four provided courses covering fundamental and advanced GA, eCommerce and Tag Manager.

The overall goal is to obtain my Google Analytics Certification.

Overall, I never plan to stay stagnant in knowledge. As a marketer, I have to stay on top of the digital world from a technology standpoint.

Guiding Light

My philosophy is Absorb, Process, Conquer, Learn and Repeat.

My professional or career mission is finding the intersections, correlations, and cornerstones between businesses and their customers through technology usage.

Sounds pretty simple, eh?

It can be a bit complicated at times, but both the philosophy and professional objective are used as guiding points through life’s journey – with coffee in hand of course!

The Okay Project while in College

Out of the many business, marketing and management class projects, the one that hits the okay standard was either Internet Marketing or Operations Management.

Going to list all the previous projects and write them out.

(Never ending on things to write about!)

The Worst Project while in College

Though this is titled “The Worst Project while in College”, this isn’t a complaint or rant article.

This is about the interactions and lack of communication between the team members or lack thereof.

More of what made it the worst group project experience and what I would have done differently.

I have recently been following a blog and the motto is to be “1 % better every day”. Instead of taking a bad experience and doing nothing with it, taking a learning experience from it.

So what made this bad. Well there was:

  • Lack of communication
  • No collaboration
  • A member was never present for meetings or a class

The Bad Project while in College

If I could rank this into either a good or bad college project, it would fit into both for various reasons.

Since this is categorized in the bad project, we’ll start with this first.