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The personal portion of the Coffee w/ Cathy Gray blog is dedicated to living life and is personal in nature. But obviously, not too personal since this is the Internet.
I haven’t drinken enough coffee to be lose my mind, yet at least.

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The professional portion of the Coffee w/ Cathy Gray blog is focused on sharing ideas from work tips and tricks to marketing and business operation strategies with a mix of other work-related articles. (Names and organizations will remain annoymous.) 

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This page is a space for all of the posts and articles, professional and personal. There is also a seperated section for personal and professional posts as well.
Grab a cup of joe or expresso, flip through and enjoy a read.

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Matthew McConaughy Motivational Speech

The other night, I came across a video clip of Matthew McConaughey’s commencement speech given to the University of Houston on YouTube back in 2015. Most nights, I'll let something play on the (You)Tube, set the sleep timer, and go to bed. Today at work, I wasn't in...

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Interesting Facts About Cherokee County Georgia

Interesting Facts about Cherokee County, GA I've been living in Cherokee Couny for more than a decade and find the area to be one of the abest areas to live in the Greater Atlanta Area. I've always had an interest in history and find the past very interesting. Since I...

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Is It Healthy to NOT Have Friends as an Adult?

It is healthy to have friends as an adult! NOT Having Friends is Very Unhealthy. I'm just writing a quick post about this. Now I'm not a doctor, but this is based on common sense. There's always an exception, but as people, we are social creatures, some more social...

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10 Things Missed from Working in Restaurants

Had made this list in 2013 on an old blog that I had and bringing it all together. Looking at the list again, wouldn't change a thing. 10. The cash. It was odd getting used to paychecks. 9. The flexible schedule. Needing a day off was fairly easy to get someone to...

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