A few months ago, I reached out to one of our manufacturers to get their products’ information in a spreadsheet form.

Our sales rep came through with the spreadsheet but there were a few caveats. He sent 2 spreadsheets with one having all the product data and another with the the product name and sku. The problem was that I need the sku to be with the product data so I can connect the information together and pull our customer pricing from our internal program that we use.

So after I looked at the spreadsheets, I see that the spreadsheets are from the media company that set up the website. I don’t know what website platform the site is one, but the products on both sheets share a Product ID that the website.

The Product ID on both spreadsheet is the only data that matches the SKU on one spreadsheet to the Product Information on the other Spreadsheet.

From our internal program, the SKU is the only product data that will match to the manufacturer’s products that need to put on our website.

This isn’t a problem.

The solution:

Use the Match and Vlookup formulas in Excel to match the SKU from one spreadsheet to the Product Information and pull the information into one spreadsheet. Then I’ll use the same formulas to match our customer pricing to the spreadsheet.

This will condense the original 3 spreadsheets into 1 spreadsheet.

From there I’ll take that spreadsheet and map the product information to the website import spreadsheet. Upload it and all of the products will be there.

This doesn’t include product pictures or additional information that I’ll upload later. For those, I’ll have a different process.

To make make changes to the product photos I’ll create a script to do it automatically in a program that’s similar to Photoshop. I don’t use Adobe Photoshop at work. (Don’t ask why, it’s complicated.) I use an open-source program that does what I need and then-some. Gimp is similar to Photoshop, the tools and functionality are the same, just the steps are a bit different and the tool are located in different places.