About Cathy Gray

A Marketing & Operations Hybrid


Cathy Gray graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Management and an alumni from Art Institute of Atlanta. While attending KSU, she was awarded several Dean’s List Awards for excellent grades while she balanced working during college. Cathy also telecommuted on the weekends to ease the upcoming workweek during peak business seasons.

Though her last name is neutral in color, don’t let the gray connotation fool you! She is constantly smiling, energetic and eager to learn new skills. While working for an e-commerce business, she took an online Inbound Marketing course where she later implemented best practices for the company’s online catalog.

Cathy has a colorful and rich background in customer service, marketing and operations giving her insights and perspectives that link across departments for any business model or industry.

To keep her sanity in the hustle and bustle city lifestyle, she enjoys getting back to nature with her family and friends.


Rounded By Nature

It is my belief that in order to improve oneself, one must know themself.

I’m a Libra and naturally strive for balance. After taking a personality test, my top individual traits were: Adventurous at 96%, Insightful at 92%, Conceptual at 92% and Aesthetic at 88%.

Personality Test Meaning

Interested in new experiences, exploring the cause and effect, and ask “why”. Prefer to search for deeper answers and sense of the bigger picture. Seek out larger principles in scientific, mathematical and philosophical theories to observe and give insights on daily life. Lover of the arts and appreciate a wide variety of cultural experiences. Beauty elevates and is a reminder of the beauty in the world.


ENFJ - Teacher


ENFP - Champion


ENTJ - Commander


ENTP - Visionary

6 Random Facts

Places Traveled

Japan, Germany, France, Austria and other countries plus all over the USA.

Favorite Drink

Yeap! You guessed it. It’s coffee! How did you know? cool


Sake the Standard Poodle and Sam the Boxer

Pet Peeve

Coming back to my dog’s head laying on the keyboard after stepping away.

Favorite Food

Pho (Vietnamese Soup) I love trying new foods though.

Work Must Haves

2+ Monitors = Productivity


Located in

Greater Atlanta Area