Hello there! 
I’m Cathy 

and with coffee in hand to caffeinate marketing.

About Cathy Gray

I am a creative, technical and process driven marketer and operations specialist.

Customers + Marketing Strategies + Creative + Business Processes + Collaboration = Long-Term Growth


I am driven to find the cornerstone between technologies, businesses, and customers for long-term relationships and success stories. 


I strategize to find complimentary solutions between workflows and operations that meets business, employee, and customer goals.


I strive to dig deep into the specifics of search engine and social media algorithms, analytics and reporting of digital marketing. 

What’s with the Name?

While some people grab an energy drink when energy is low, I prefer coffee.

I combined my love of coffee, my name and added a catchy phrase creating aLate NightCoffeeWithCathyGray.com.

Coffee driven drinker

If it tastes good

Then I'm good!

Cathy Gray’s Blog and Resources


Matthew McConaughy Motivational Speech

The other night, I came across a video clip of Matthew McConaughey’s commencement speech given to the University of Houston on YouTube back in 2015. Most nights, I'll let something play on the (You)Tube, set the sleep timer, and go to bed. Today at work, I wasn't in...

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